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With good setups supporting your decisions at The Closing Print, performance for the month of April was stellar. To put it another way, using a strategy based approach, produces predictable results. The watch list for this week is no exception.

TAL outperformed, rising 11.74% in 4 days.

We attribute the success of this to a proper setup and excellent fundamentals. IBD does most of the work sorting out the latter.

TAL was on the watch list for a second straight week, as price action dictated a swing. The stock has appreciated +15.51% in the two weeks since it first graced your watch list.

This is the setup for the TAL long on April 17, in chart format. For those skeptical individuals thinking this is just “hindsight” trading, check the list above and see if you don’t find the same results in the majority of candidates. The whole list for the month is at the bottom of this post.

The “10e/STO/MACD Setup” from my book was the strategy used for this winner and all the stocks in the Watch Lists that preceded. We also use the “9/20ema Rule” when considering a new candidate for a potential swing trade.

A note should be made that April saw prices depreciating in the major indices, as they traded sideways and lower during the month. By contrast the stocks on the list gained handsomely. The take-away is this. If you’re not using a strategy, coupled with sound fundamentals, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

We practice this process every day at The Closing Print and we do it “LIVE” during market hours. Consider joining us for a month or two, to see how we can help you master the trading and investing process.

The QQQ lotto cals are going to be a winner today! Congratulations.

Happy “Tech” Friday,


PS Below are Watch List winners for the Month of April.

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