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“With thousands of publicly-traded companies to choose from, how can you quickly find the best stocks to buy right now?”

First, we need to regularly review screens that highlight the top-rated equities and by that I mean fundamentals and technicals. If we include the IBD 50 list of leading growth stocks, IPO Leaders, IBD Big Cap 20, Sector Leaders and Stock Spotlight, we create an advantage.

The next step? Overlay a strategy! 

FOXF was reviewed in the weekend video newsletter. The company produces high-performance shocks for mountain bikes and recreational vehicle. It’s also ranked #1 (IBD).

Price is above the 9/20ema and VBP resistance (into the Kirby. RSI is rising, MACD crossing above its signal line. IBD estimates earnings on 5/03/17. We are looking for a test of the 30 zone (pivot high). All we need is volume.

MTSI isn’t on the watch list however, I do note the handle forming, in what looks more like a skillet than a cup. Insert humor. A break above 52.75 would signal a possible follow through and breakout. The provider of analog semiconductor solutions, that enable next-generation internet applications reports tomorrow. If earnings are well received and confirmed as bullish, the 9/20ema will continue to rise. This is a strategy, the 9/20ema rule.

Look for flags into a rising SOTEMA as entry points. Volume should return in this scenario, like it did on the cusp of March/April to confirm institutions are interested in the company.

MTCH is flagging under the Kirby. A pop into the zone just overhead, should accompany accelerated price action. According to IBD, EPS is scheduled for 5/2/17.

Here is the complete watchlist for your review. Sunday video is here.

Please print this out so you can add notes and refer to the comments section quickly. Being prepared is part of the game. Know your EPS date, entry and stop levels.

Futures are pushing SPY above recent pivot highs.

As a sidenote, if you were emotional the past few weeks and suddenly find yourself happy this morning, you are on the “emotional roller coaster.” When markets are consolidating, as SPY was over the past 8 weeks, it helps to acknowledge this price action as “emotional” territory. As it makes little progress, traders get frustrated, leading to unpredictable results.

When this happens, reduce your position size and swing fewer candidates. This one little trick will save you from yourself. Once markets breakout and market internals confirm, then and only then, should you increase position size and the number of trades.

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