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Included herein are additional stocks that were screened though IBD and highlighted on their CANSLIM list, available for download if you have a subscription.

Aaron (AAN) is a consumer discretionary “cyclical” stock showing a potential breakout into an area of little overhead supply. Price is above the 9/20ema, RSI is trending higher and MACD is turning on higher volume. Entry 25.75 or better with a stop 25.10. SAR is trending. The company is schedules to report on 11/04/16.

BIG looks like a successful short, pointed out previously. Target support at the 200ma, for this discount retailer. Watch for institutional buying. BIG reported a beat of 15.55% on August 26.


We mentioned Utilities (XLU) gas distribution and electricity providers in the weekend video. EIX is a favorite. A flag for entry would be preferable, while a pullback to the rising 9ema ideal. This electricity provided is schedule to report on 10/25/16.


GILD is trading inside a descending wedge. The flag is a good setup, with a break above the preferred entry, stop just below Friday lows. There is a possibility price could pullback to the 9ema, given the direction stochastic is pointing, from the over bought zone.


HDS watching this one and (XLI) which is showing promise. HD Supply has some work to do, so a move above the moving averages would keep us interested. RSI has recently been below 30, one of our preferred criteria for longer term swings. MACD is turning fast. The company reported a small miss on September 7th. Volume suggests institutions still like the company. Watch for more.


Hawaiian Airlines (HA) has been a favorite airline ever since an activist investor got involved in the company management in 2015. Bollinger bands are tight. Measured move is about 4 points in either direction, though continued strength in this industry group and transports more generally would lead us to believe higher is in the cards. Note the buy signal just above Friday’s price action. The company is estimated to report earnings on 10/17/2016.


Michael Kors Holdings (KORS) should report earnings on 11/02/2016. If consumer discretionary continues to receive bullish sentiment, this stock should break out of this symmetrical triangle to the upside. Note KORS is on a buy signal, but SOTEMA is flat.

Sherwin Williams is in the specialty chemicals industry group, in addition to being a paint manufacturer and distributor. The stock broke out of this descending wedge on Friday, moving back above the 200ma. It appears the stock is forming a base. RSI is trending and MACD is turning hard. We would consider an entry near or better than (just below) Fridays high, with a stop below its LOD. The company is scheduled to report earnings on 11/03/2016.


TFX looks like a short, should it continue lower while the Healthcare sector (XLV) moves higher. Target 200ma.TFX reported a 9.25% beat on 07/28/2016, yet the stock as topped out. The company reports its fourth quarter on 11/03/16.


Thats it for todays additions. Trade well.

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