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Bazaar Voice (BV) is from the IBD Under 10 list. We’re looking for a flag as volume clearly shows Wall Street is catching on to the companies unique products. BV offers software which assists major retailers. New methods for capitalizing on social media trends and helps drive traffic to stores and online retailing sites. Homework. Earnings are estimated to be reported the first week of December.


BVX us breaking out of a high tight flag pattern. An entry better than 5.0 woould be a gift. DOn’t chase this one unless you’re comfortable with price 1.00 (+/-) above the breakout zone. Structure starts at 4.30. RSI is embedded signifying strength, as MACD crosses quickly to the upside. Stop under Friday lows. The company is estimated to report earnings on 11/02/2016.


CORT should break higher from this flag if biotech and pharmaceutical stocks build off the (XBI) bounce on Friday at the 20ma. VBP support is just below at 5.90. The company reports on 11/03/16.


Magnachip Semiconductor (MX) will move with the industry group, more than likely, as the trend in RSI suggests. Today is day three of the recent buy signal. MACD is turning sharply. Look for momentum to continue if volume increases this week. Earnings are scheduled for 11/03/16.


VIAV runs in the same industry group as ACIA. Telecom equipment has been fairly strong, relative to other sectors. Look for RSI and stochastic to continue higher with price, which should trigger a buy signal at 7.45. MACD is turning as well. Stops are just under recent lows. The company should report on 11/07/16.


Good luck today.


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