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Video # 1 - The Opening Range Strategy Video - A Mentoring Session

The Strategy Video Series - this is one of the ten strategies we use on a daily basis. I will be uploading all ten strategies for your use and inclusion in your trader's toolbox over the coming days. If you bought "The Book" you are entitled to a Discount Code for use at checkout for 20% off on each these videos, as a thank you. Email me first and I'll send you the code before purchase. See details below. Buy "The Opening Range here: Add to Cart Perfect your Opening Range Strategy technique from the book, by following along through an explanation of the indicators we use each day. Why we use TRIN, NYMO, VXX, and TICK.

Video # 2 - "The Kirby" Using Volume by Price

This video covers many examples of using Volume by Price (VBP) and "The Kirby" to quickly identify areas of support and resistance. Understanding the use of this information can quickly accelerate your profits. Join us in this next video for your trader's toolbox, where we simulate a "one on one" student teacher mentoring session. Buy "The Kirby" here: Add to Cart

Video #3 “Bollinger Band Keltner TTM Squeeze Setup”

This video covers many examples of using the Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel to trigger the TTM Squeeze breakout. Understanding how we use these two volatility band strategies together will position you for potentially explosive breakouts. Knowing when a breakout is about to trigger is precisely what this strategy video is designed for. Quickly accelerate your profits. Join us in this next video by downloading it for your trader's toolbox. We simulate a "one on one" student teacher mentoring session. Buy "BB Keltner TTM Squeeze" here: Add to Cart

Video # 4 “The 10e/STO/MACD and Box Trade Setup”

This video builds on three previous strategies. Using many examples, we show you how the "Box Trade Setup" and the "10e/STO/MACD Setup"  will help you dramatically improve your trading results. When used together these videos structure a "systemized approach" that will save you much anxiety and emotional stress. We show you proper entry and exit strategies that can be used whether you're trading the indices, stocks, options or futures. If you purchased the book, use the same code as that for the previous download(s) for a 20% discount at checkout. Details below. Buy "10e/STO/MACD Setup" here: Add to Cart

Video # 5 “The Ultimate Strategy TICK & TRIN”

This strategy is perhaps one of the most important in your trading toolbox. Understanding what the institutions are doing "real time" is a concept that most traders fail to utilize. Why do I say this? As I approach my 28th year of trading, a feat in itself I assure you, I've employed many different strategies to profit in the markets. I have also experienced my share of losses. Still, what I find most interesting are the traders that continue making the same mistakes. In the past few years, social networks have made it even more apparent. The most costly mistake from my experience is, trading against the bias of institutions and fund managers. Since they make up the bulk of buying and selling, it only makes sense to "go with the flow." They surely use the information in this video, why shouldn't you? At any given moment, the trading day unfolds and institutions tip their hats, allowing us to interpret what they are actually doing. As the trend develops, we capitalize on this information, because we can see whether they are collectively bullish or bearish. This video builds on the four previous strategies. When used together these videos structure a "systemized approach" that will save you much anxiety and emotional stress. We show you proper entry and exit strategies that can be used whether you're trading the indices, stocks, options or futures. Buy "The Ultimate Indicator" here: Add to Cart

Video # 6 “The Gap and Go Strategy for Earnings Plays”

This video builds on five previous strategies. Using many examples, we show you how to use this rule-based approach and how the "Gap and Go" setup works. We review many recent setups on AMZN, ABBV, GPN, LNKD, and FSLR among others. This strategy will help you dramatically improve your trading edge. When used together these videos structure a "systemized approach" that will save you much anxiety and emotional stress. We show you proper entry and exit strategies that can be used whether you're trading the indices, stocks, options or futures. Buy "The Gap and Go Strategy" here: Add to Cart

Video # 7 - "The Core Strategy"

This strategy video highlights our "core" thinking process. We focus on finding proper setups on candidates predominately found within the pages of Investors Business Daily. In addition, the techniques herein emphasize all of the strategies that come before it, videos #1 through # 6, as well as, the written structure of my book, "Trade and Think Like a Professional Trader." As part of the total mentor/student based curriculum, this "core video' is inspired by successful techniques that we've used over the past 28 years. We continue the theme of "the classroom" on video, constructed to mirror our one-on-one classes, with the singular purpose of improving your probability of success. Use your discount code (details below) to receive 20% off at checkout, as a thank you to those who purchased the book. Buy "The Core Strategy" here:  Add to Cart

Video # 8  - "Using Market Internals"

This video covers the nagging question every new trader ponders on a daily basis, "is now the time to buy or sell or should I wait?" Using market internals we define an edge in our trading. We create a systemized strategy for going long or going short. We also know when to stand pat and wait. When market internals confirms our bias, we can enter with the comfort of knowing we are not guessing. This strategy applies to trading index options as well as stocks. Buy "Using Market Internals" here:  Add to Cart Use this strategy together with the previous seven videos and the knowledge gained from my book, to create a winning edge. Additional LIVE trading sessions will be recorded over the weeks ahead for all of these strategies. Buy "Using Market Internals" here:  Add to Cart

Video # 9 - "Fade the Fear - VIX Extremes"

This video illustrates one of my favorite strategies. I love when fear or complacency creep into the markets. When everything aligns with a VIX extreme and "market internals" confirm, we have the ingredients of a very profitable setup. Join me in this next video in the strategy series, where we not only use the "VIX Fade to profit from the fear", but we also use strategies you've learned from previous videos to confirm our entries and observations. Buy "Fade the Fear" here: Add to Cart
If you purchased the book, email me for a one-time coupon code for a 20% discount at checkout. Details below.

Video #10 - "Workflow - Putting It All Together"

Our workflow is what defines us as professionals. Homework, setups, defining risk and using the right strategy lead to successful trading. We focus on probabilities. With each step, we reinforce our statistical probability of a winning trade(s). If you miss steps we cover herein, you're setting yourself up for failure. Do you have a consistent method that you follow each trading day? Would you consider your method reliable or even predictable? If you do not, the structure of this video will assist you in developing your own, modeled around our proven methods. Does your workflow include strategies for determining the right time to buy or sell? Do you know how to define your risk? I assure you, this latest video, along with the updates that are scheduled to be released shortly thereafter, will help the new trader stay focused and achieving a measure of consistency that can be quantified. This video covers a lot of ground, so it is a bit large. (500mb) please have patience on download. Updates to this video will be provided free of charge when they are available. I already have two updates in raw video format that will cover scans and defining your risk, where to place your stops. Look for those over the next couple of weeks.

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 Why is each strategy video $19.99?

This modest fee covers my time and effort recording and editing the video series, and is more than reasonable, considering you are learning from my 30 years of experience. These videos also focus on the serious trader, not the trader who is looking for something free, not realizing they could lose 100 times the cost of these videos in one misguided trade. In addition, think of this strategy video series as a 10 part mentoring session. See details below. These are the critical items we review with students in our one on one classes each day. Learn what to look for to perfect those problems that arise, when trading the Opening Range Strategy.
  • When to buy and what to look for.
  • When to sell.
  • When to be patient.
  • Perfect your technique by watching real time.
Then, watch these 30-minute videos repeatedly until the concepts sink in. Perfecting your technique, as we do in our classroom, is what this video series is all about. Each video covers a different topic. Midway through this video tutorial we use the Opening Range on a "Live Trade." You will see exactly what you need to focus on when you are in a trade and when to sell and why. Selling too soon is the new trader's ultimate dilemma. Special Note: The details. We currently conduct one on one mentoring sessions, for the trader who likes the personal approach at $100.00 per class (subject to change) via Skype, where we work with the student to perfect technique and critical thinking processes. These sessions are recorded for the student's library. A typical course is 10 sessions or $1000.00. Viewed this way, the total cost of the Strategy Video Series is a fraction of the one on one training classes. $199.50 includes all 10 videos in the Strategy Series. However, with the book purchase, you will also receive a 20% discount of $162.60.  All 10 videos cover: 
  • "The Core Strategy" Systemizing Your Trading
  • The Kirby or Volume by Price - today's upload.
  • The Box Technique
  • Gap and Go
  • 10ema STO MACD Setup
  • Bollinger Band TTM Squeeze Setup
  • 30 Minute Opening Range Setup 
  • Using Market Internals
  • High Tight Flag Setup
  • Volatility Fade, Using VIX TICK and TRIN
  • Setting up Custom Scans for finding the winners
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