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Apparently TSLA bulls have the baton for a second day, as the stock trades (+4.52%) this morning. TSLA is currently trading (+70 pts) pre-market. Congratulations if you entered yesterday with @leestar and others in the trading room.

TSLA – Followthrough Day

TSLA is respecting its 21d moving average with price action remaining in a bullish trend. RSI is above 50 and rising.

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TSLA should follow the bullish trend, with price firmly above the 21d thanks to the bulls. The 50d moving average is bullish as well. MACD should turn soon as a function of price.

TSLA and Our Workflow

Backtest your favorite winning positions. Where was price action? The video below explains why TSLA should continue higher. It also explains how this simple strategy can improve your trading results and help you become more consistent.

Futures are higher this morning, as Initial Jobless Claims Fell to 963,000, Lowest Since March.

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