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The stocks herein are from the watchlist, together with a couple that popped up on the radar soon after the open. That said, stocks had a slow start on Monday as market makers dealt with and exited Friday’s hedges soon after the opening bell. It was this price action that had us waiting until VIX backed off from highs around 10:30 AM before executing new positions.

SCP Pool Corp (POOL) broke out of consolidation mode on Monday, as the stock remains in a bullish trend. Volume was above average to start the week, with RSI pointing to renewed strength.


With futures off a bit pre-market we’ll wait for the Opening Range. Patience rewarded us on Monday. 


A handful of growth stocks showed exceptional strength on Monday, with Apple piling on more option volume, adding to the 150 strike calls of the previous week. Thursday and Friday saw Apple trading over 100k of these 150C. Monday Apple added September 150c to the mix.

Microsoft poured on the charm as well. The stock was trading in a narrow 15 day range, breaking to fresh all-time highs on above average volume.





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