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Toward the close on Friday, we were testing John Carter’s Ready Aim Fire Pro. The results were exceptional. Both SPY and QQQ fired buy signals, with trades on both resulting in 400% gains. SPY alone saw out of the money (OTM) 392 call options expiring in less than 60 minutes gain 483% (0.12 avg. entry with exits avg. 0.70). By the way, I love this type of trade on weekly options!

Weekly options are pretty exciting, where limited risk has potential for high rewards. I have to say, using John Carters Read Aim Fire is an extraordinary boost to our trader toolset. 

While we’ve only been using it for the past week, the results have been very rewarding. In addition, as a broadcaster, it’s much easier to add an audio alert to the system and listen for the familiar “gong” to alert me to a trade that is warranting my attention.

SPY Call options expiring in less than 90 minutes were BID (0.10). Shortly after triggering a signal the prices quickly started to double.

Conversation with one of our members, CaymanSlushFund.


We’ll cover more testing of Ready Aim Fire Pro with additional trade analysis. Stay tuned.

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