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EV industry leader Tesla (TSLA) “announced significant price cuts across its entire vehicle lineup in the US and Europe, following a previous price drop in China. That made vehicles like the Tesla Model Y even more affordable when combined with the new tax credit from the Inflation Reduction Act. There is also an expectation that Tesla will unveil a much more affordable electric vehicle on Wednesday at its Investor Day, where it has announced plans to detail its third generation vehicle platform.” Seeking Alpha

New Flash: Tesla (TSLA) is near completion of a deal to build an assembly plant in Monterrey, Mexico. Reported on Bloomberg Tuesday morning before the opening bell.

Tesla TSLA Investor Day 

Tesla (TSLA) has rallied more than 113% from the first week of January, doubling your money since that time as the stock began a bullish trend “1 – trend”. Over the past couple of weeks, the stock consolidated those gains “2 – consolidation”. The point is, we harp on this though daily, as we look for the stock to start trending again, “3 – trend.”

Tesla TSLA Investor Day
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Tesla (TSLA) appears to be starting a run towards the 200 day moving average. Intraday charts are building higher lows, with the stock up pre-market to 210.37 (+1.36%).

Tesla TSLA Investor Day Daily Chart
Tesla TSLA Investor Day data for the quarter

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