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We’ve been watching General Motors (GM) for over a week; above average volume hit the stock as it broke out on Monday. We’re anticipating a follow through day on Tuesday, so stay tuned to the LIVE broadcast for additional trades Investors Business Daily posted today on Swing Trader, Corning was added with details below.


Corning stock got a boost a week ago Wednesday from UBS analyst John Roberts, who picked up coverage of the specialty glassmaker with a Buy rating and $43 stock price target. The stock jumped 4.6% to $37.30.

Corning (GLW) is the global leader in applications of glass as a specialty material.

More than 20% of Corning’s sales are from products growing much faster than their end markets, he notes—that includes Gorilla and related mobile-cover glass, materials for autos, and pharmaceutical uses. He says there is “no end in sight” for growth in optical fiber, which is used in 5G and data centers, and laptop and television display glass.

Glass is “an unusually high-margin materials business,” the analyst says, noting that “inexpensive sandlike minerals are the largest raw materials, along with the energy to melt them into liquids during processing.”

Corning’s gross margins are around 40%, among the highest of the companies Roberts covers. He expects Corning to grow sales about 6% compounded through 2023, with earnings per share growing 15% on average.


“The unique optical, thermal, and chemically-inert properties of glass make it the only solution for applications like optical signal transmission, etching electronics on transparencies, protecting mobile devices from drops, providing a catalytic surface for car exhaust emission control, and pharma packaging and cell-culture production equipment,” he writes. “The company is continually reinventing itself as new applications replace older ones.”

Corning (GLW)

$37.54 0.59 1.60% VOL 31%
AFTER HOURS $38.00 0.46 1.23%

TRADE SETUP Added as full position on Jan 11 as it crosses the previous day’s high. Entry on SwingTrader at 37.28

IBD BUY ZONE $37.23 – $38.16
Stock in IBD Buy Zone

STOP LOSS Stop loss at close below Jan 6 low (36) or first decisive close below 5-day moving average line.

GOAL 5% to 10% profit goal (39.14 – 41.01) or first decisive close below 5-day moving average line.

EARNINGS DUE DATE Jan 27, 2021 Estimated


General Motors (GM)


“General Motors Co. is making its presence known at this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show, another overt move to showcase its EV cred and underscore its bid for tech leadership in the auto industry.

GM is the only one of the Detroit Three automakers putting heavy emphasis this year on CES, a Las Vegas trade show that many automakers over the years have used to tout their technological chops to, well, a skeptical audience.”

The Detroit News 01/11/2021.

TRADE SETUP Currently 2/3 position. Added as full position on Jan 6 as it crosses the 12/23 high. Entry on SwingTrader at 43.01. Took of 1/3 position on Jan 11 at 44.11 as it hits 2.5% profit.

IBD BUY ZONE $42.89 – $43.96

STOP LOSS Raised stop to entry on Jan 11. Original stop loss at close below previous day close (41.66) or first decisive close below 5-day moving average line.

GOAL Hit 5% profit on Jan 11. Looking at 10% profit goal (47.31) or first decisive close below 5-day moving average line.

EARNINGS DUE DATE Feb 10, 2021 Estimated


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