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The U.S Stock Market Cycle Turned Bullish Two Weeks Ago

All of the major U.S. stock market indices turned bullish the day after Christmas, as the first in a series of Major Accumulation Days (MAD) alerted us to a change in character. Portfolio managers were busy at work buying beaten-down shares of solid companies with good balance sheets. No sector went without punishment. Now the character in the market has changed and those who ignore it are missing an opportunity, just as the bearish trend alerted us to a change in character in late September and early October. Ignoring this change in December decimated many trading accounts.

The U.S. Stock Market Cycle

The NYSE Composite represents a broad measure of market participation, with 2000 stocks held across major sectors and industry groups. The major cycles assist us in being on the right side of the investment pendulum as major waves play out. The daily noise has less of an impact on these major oscillations, as portfolio managers and institutions buy and sell large swaths of the economy.


NYSE Cycle January 2019


Traders and investors are able to make more informed decisions, by comparing the cycle in play before adding or subtracting risk. This was really apparent after the first wave down in October, where the cycle dropped below the zero-line accelerating as its downward slope became more apparent. Now the reverse is true, with bears refusing to acknowledge the change in character, hoping to be right at some point in the future. The problem then becomes one of cognitive bias decision processes, instead of price and volume based strategic approaches.

Since the cycle is based on price momentum, we can rest easy in the knowledge that the major wave upward and downward will continue until some catalyst imparts a counter-trend reaction.  Until then we ride the current bullish wave until its “rate of change” oscillators decelerate. Once that happens we’ll see a peak.

Watchlist and Market Cycles

The current watchlist and stocks we’ve traded recently show the one-week performance during this current cycle. The top three (3) stocks all show the power of momentum and rate of change based cycles. Netflix gained 47.68 points (+17.81%), while ROKU was a mention during the LIVESTREAM broadcast last week.

The latter had a favorable news catalyst on Monday, imparting additional momentum as it added 27 million active accounts in the 2018 fiscal fourth quarter. ROKU also reported streaming hours increased (+68%).


Watchlist Cycles January 07 2019


Seven (7) stocks in total were added to the watchlist this week. All seven (7) broke higher yesterday.

New positions in SPY, QQQ and IWM are benefitting from the current cycle. We have been adding to long-only equity funds in our (401(k) and IRA accounts during this new cycle.

Futures are higher this morning.

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