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Investors Business Daily: Baozun (BZUN) our latest swing trade.

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IBD Feature “News & Analysis” – Baozun (BZUN)

Every day, IBD writers highlight growth stocks from the IBD50 list and IBD Sector Leaders. In many cases, we’ve watched as these stocks approached buy points enabling an early “alert” before MarketSmith Alerts have triggered. We were aware of Baozun (BZUN) approaching a pivot before it reported earnings last Thursday, This is what IBD writer  had to say:

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Baozun (BZUN). The China-based stock stands poised 8% below a proper buy point ahead of its earnings report due Thursday.

When it comes to China internet stocks trading in the U.S., Baozun doesn’t have anywhere near the name recognition of a Baidu (BIDU) or an Alibaba (BABA).

But it does qualify as an IBD Sector Leader. And among non-China-based companies doing business over China’s internet, Baozun is a leading brand. The company’s website cites data from iResearch saying Baozun holds 22% of China’s e-commerce solutions market.”

Baozun (BZUN) was taken as a swing candidate when MarketSmith alerts triggered a signal. Shares of the company soared Thursday after the e-commerce services firm reported first-quarter earnings that topped Wall Street views, as did second-quarter guidance.

Technically speaking, price action and volume activity for BZUN is Very Bullish. In addition, Baozun has outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 6 months and is currently strong relative to its long-term trend.

Strong Chaikin Money Flow shows institutions have been buying, with an increasing volume trend as a result.


Baozun BZUN


Baozun (BZUN) held its initial public offering three years ago, pricing shares at 10. One of its largest shareholders is Alibaba (BABA). Another partner is (JD). Alibaba and are the two largest e-commerce companies in China.

Note fund ownership, and management is increasing.

BZUN Funds Ownership

If Baozun (BZUN) continues to show relative strength this week, we will most likely add to our positions. We are long in the trading room since Thursday.

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