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ROKU Added to Investors Business Daily Leaderboard Leaders List

MOMO and ROKU were added to the IBD Leaderboard leaders list yesterday, while TREX was added to the IBD50 Top 10.

We wrote a Review of Investors Business Daily’s Leaderboard Product and provided some insight into their “Leaders List” on Saturday.


Leaderboard Changes 08-24-2018


ROKU Breakout Alert

We set an alert on ROKU earlier in the week. That breakout will trigger this morning, if ROKU remains at 60.50 (+/-) in early trading as we await the Opening Bell. RS line (97) is climbing fast, indicating the stock is outperforming the S&P 500.




Depth of the cup is approximatley 25 points. A break would signal a potential run and a continuation of this pattern.

Sidenote: For the past few weeks we have discussed ROKU’s subtle advertizing schema with members during the LIVESTREAM broadcasts. We found this advertizing intriuing and somewhat overlooked by traders, with regard to investment potential long-term.

This was confirmed by a recent article by one of my favorite technical writers, Ophir Gottlieb over at – check out his take on ROKU.

Wall Street Doesn’t Get it — Roku Aims to be the Facebook of TV, and It’s Working

Leaderboard List – 5 Day Performance

Leaderboard Top 5 performance from the “Leaderboard Review Part One.”

LB Perf one week 08-24-2018

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