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Volatility and the Stock Market

While volatility can be good on one hand, we have been concerned with navigating the choppy stock market on the other. As a result, we have narrowed our focus towards the positions that are working and eliminating or reducing the size of lagging positions. In the process, we have reduced our exposure. Existing positions have been updated in the trading room.

We will only add to the stocks that are gaining strength and fail to pull back when the markets show weakness. Going to cash is an option.

Navigating the Market with Relative Strength

One sector showing a relative strength is oil and equipment services. A number of stocks in this group have been moving higher.

Holly Frontier (HFC) broke out above recent pivots yesterday. Price action is moving above VBP bands as the stock follows through. 52.82 is the next target.

HFC Energy Navigating the Market

In addition, we see a Bollinger Band TTM Squeeze setup. Should Holly Frontier trigger this setup, 52-week highs are in order.

HFC Navigating Choppy Stock Market

Stocks in the Group 

Other stocks in the oil and gas refining industry group faired well yesterday. Below is the top five as ranked by Investors Business Daily for your use and consideration. Just make sure Price action is above the 9/20 EMA and momentum is bullish.


HFC IBD Rank Choppy Stock Market

Stocks in the oil and equipment services Industry group we’re higher on news out of Iran. Therefore, new positions should be monitored closely.

While we don’t think the market will retest the February 9 lows, we do anticipate volatility will persist. Reducing your exposure at this time is a prudent measure. After all, consistency and profitability are just a few of our goals.

Longevity is a concern as well. which means navigating volatile markets and having cash on hand. This will give us an opportunity when the markets start trending again.

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