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The MarketSmith Relative Strength scan found several stocks that outperformed their peers. These stocks rallied the hardest on Monday when the vast majority of equities were selling off. This was significant as they rallied the most when the markets found support.

This post was originally created on Tuesday, so that we could illustrate the importance of the MarketSmith Relative Strength scan a day later.

ZIM, TSLA, and TECK have followed through.

MarketSmith Relative Strength Scan

Zim Integrated Shipping (ZIM) is estimated to earn $20.51 per share in 2022 and above the $4.96/share it earned in 2020. Zim went public in early 2021. 

Tesla (TSLA) and ZIM are from previous and current watchlists.


“We obviously expect large shareholder returns across the space next year, as many liners and (nonoperating owners) have communicated dividends to be tied to overall earnings,” Fearnley Securities analysts Peder Nicolai Jarlsby and Erik Hovi said in written responses to questions. – Investors Business Daily

ZIM Integrated Shipping (ZIM) earned the highest RS line score of 99 on Monday as it nears a breakout to fresh 52-week highs. Price action has formed a bullish ascending triangle pattern, Volume is building, so if relative volume (RVOL) is greater than 2.0 it may signal the stock is “in-play.”

ZIM Integrated Shipping (ZIM) Updated price action shows the stock broke out with the markets. Relative strength became a driving force to the trade idea.

ZIM Integrated Shipping rallied nearly 300% from its January 28, 2021 IPO debut price of $10.45/share despite spending almost half of the year consolidationing its IPO gains. Shares started the first week of the New Year grinding back to previous 52-week highs ($58.31) after a failed breakout on December 08, 2021.

We currently have shares of ZIM stock and will entertain adding to our position on a break above the $58.97 pivot high this week.


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