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MarketSmith Compliments Our Workflow

Successful investors impart a consistent workflow every day, weighing their decisions based on tested methods. In simplest terms, we assess the broader indices, drill down into the sectors that top the list in performance, followed by industry groups and individual stocks.

Top-Down Approach to Investing – MarketSmith


Winning Stock Picks: Top Down Approach

Start with the indices, then sectors, industry groups and individual stocks to find the next winners.


Following this process, MarketSmith leads us to a setup in Las Vegas Sands (LVS). Keep reading, as Market Smith makes the selection easy by providing intuitive screens for each level of our workflow.

We are looking at stocks “near pivot”, in the screen below, that are setting up but have not broken out to date.


MarketSMith Las Vegas Sands LVS


Stocks up on volume is another list we look at everyday. For now, we look at stocks approaching a pivot. Or, if you’re “cup of tea” is shorting weak stocks, look at stocks down on volume.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Fits the Criteria – Waiting for a Breakout Alert to Enter a Trade.

RS Line is rising (84), which tells us the stock is outperforming the S&P500. The importance of this one feature cannot be underestimated.

If the S&P500 is about to break higher, LVS should gain traction. We’ll discuss the trade on LIVESTREAM today.

Additional information quickly catches our eye.

Technically speaking the stock is in the top part of its recent range. A double top is certainly one possibility if you have a bearish bias. But, considering the bullish state of the IBD Growth 250, we’ll go with a breakout as more likely. Hint: 158 have triggered alerts recently.

LVS Chart Fullscreen MarketSmith

In each quandrant, MarketSmith displays information critical to our thinking process or workflow. It’s the consistency of our approach and application of entry and exit strategies that make us more “machine-like” than “human-like” (read emotional).

  • Are earnings and sales growing?
  • Are institutions buying?

marketsmith funds LVS


Bottom right corner, we can see funds own 52% of the outstanding shares and analysts are ratcheting up their earnings estimates for 2018 (+17%). The rest is self-explanatory, as the company gets many “A” designations in key areas, with an ultimate 98 score or Composite Rating, telling us it is outperforming 98% of its competition.


LVS Funds Adding

Additionally, funds are increasingly bullish, as ownership grows each quarter, adding 59 funds in March.


With LVS setting up and broad market participation pointing to a break higher, we’ll talk more about Las Vegas Sands in the LIVESTREAM broadcast at 9:20 AM. See you then.

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