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Leaderboard Review – Direct Access to IBD’s Research and Analysis – Part One

Investors Business Daily offers frequent trial opportunities, so we welcomed the invitation to take their products for a spin. In this series we reviewed IBD’s Leaderboard, analyzing how useful it might be to research stocks and make investment decisions.

We recently reviewed MarketSmith as well. You can check out that review here.

Researching stocks to buy and sell can be time consuming, so we were keen to evaluate Leaderboard’s claims. “Leverage our market research team through Leaderboard®. We follow the market’s big leaders through their entire runs constantly updating two lists.”

Leaderboard “The Leaders List”

This is the opening page when we start Leaderboard. We found in-depth analysis of each leading company’s fundamental and technical performance, at a glance, constantly updated to help us spot buying opportunities as they emerge. The latest charts are annotated with IBD’s analysis, so we could instantly find potential candidates forming bases, stocks near buy points, in addition to stocks near areas of resistance and support. This part was very intuitive.

Leaderboard offers an intutively designed experience to enable users to fully leverage IBD’s unique, data-driven market research and insights.

Looking a little closer, you’ll notice ETSY is “near a buy point” and below that, a trading plan titled “current action.” Read the ETSY analysis for more.

For the record, we first traded ETSY when it broke out of its cup and handle pattern in December (17.70 zone). That’s +154% for members in the trading room still holding on to shares in their portfolio.


Leaderboard Splash Page Leaders List


The “leader list” page works as promised. We were able to follow the market’s big leaders through their entire runs, over the past few weeks, while IBD updated these winning stock lists with prime investing opportunities daily during our weekly analysis.

FIVE is a recent watchlist stock.

There was no complicated research necessary on our part. All we needed to do was follow the Leaders List each day to see which stocks are near buy points. We received “pop up” messages during the day as well.


Leaderboard Bullets


In addition, we received instant email alerts and push notifications when stocks are added to the lists, so we were ahead of the crowd when it counted most.

Leaderboard Stocks Added and Stocks Cut List

This “tab” is a really useful feature that lets us view the stocks added to the IBD Top 50, Sector Leaders, and Leaderboard lists. The lists are updated daily and track performance over the previous five days. Push notifications or “pop ups” alert us to changes.

Stocks are moved to the Cut List when they start flashing sell signals. Push notifications alert us to changes.

Paying close attention to this list helped us lock-in profits and protect against losses. As stocks were removed from the list, it helped us identify trends within sectors. We could then examine market rotation and changes in money flow.


Leaderboard Stocks added


This list will also include stocks that may have shorting opportunites.

We run a trading room during market hours, so these two lists and the associated alerts help keep us focused. More info > TheClosingPrint

Leaderboard is a great product if you want to quickly see what stocks are leading the market. The product is efficient witth your time, efficiently analyzing the markets leading stocks, highlighting their strengths and alerting you when its time to buy. Leadeboard also points out weakness, sending you push notifications if its time to sell.

Two Week Free TrialLeaderboard Logo


In future articles we will examine how Leaderboard consistently beats the S&P 500. As of Friday’s close, 08/17/2018, it has demonstrated returns of better than 24%, compared to the S&P 500’s returns of 6.60%.

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PS Check out Leaderboard’s two week trial, as there are 5 stocks currently nearing buy points.


For investors that enjoy conducting their own expanded research, MarketSmith is a fine service to consider, one that the writer has used exclusively for research and analysis.


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