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This 4th edition of my popular 300 page ebook, in Kindle, iBook and PDF formats, is pictured in the right panel. 

“What is 33 years of investment, finance and trading experience worth to you? If I can be so bold, the thoughts I share with you herein will change your view of the markets. In short, my book will create an edge, that only an experienced trader can give you. You’ll begin to see the picture you have been missing, you’ll have your epiphany.” – Vinny aka TL LeBlanc

This 4th edition of my popular 300 page ebook, in Kindle, iBook and PDF formats, is pictured in the right panel. It contains proven strategies that work, using hundreds of examples with color illustrations. The book was originally written for my children, so that they can learn from someone they trust.
Stop losing money and let me show you how to trade with a plan and multiple strategies, each designed with a mentor, student approach. The response has been nothing short of inspirational.

Buy any version of my eBook and get the other two at no additional cost.

Frankly speaking, this is not your typical book on technical analysis; the written and separately purchased “Strategy Video Series” has been composed specifically for traders looking for a rules and strategy based approach to trading futures, stocks, indices and ETFs. You’ll learn what to look for and see how to interpret internal market data that supports or negates your trade assumptions. Find out how to increase your odds of success, through proven techniques. The choice is yours, learn now or learn later, after you’ve lost money.
As a bonus, all of my favorite scans are included. The 10e/STO/MACD and High Tight Flag scans are by far the most popular. We also included the Bollinger Band TTM Squeeze scan, designed to mimic John Carter’s TOS script, along with other useful scan setups. All scans are based on strategies from the book. Find the next winners using these parameters for your scans inside your stock charts account.
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