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The Bollinger Band TTM Squeeze 

This scan looks for Bollinger Bands entering the Keltner Channel creating what John Carter coined as the TTM Squeeze. This happens when volatility compresses, with the opposite affect when volatility expands. It’s this later condition that triggers the signal.

Alcoa (AA) popped up on the scan a month ago. When it squeezed it eventually triggered a buy signal. Since direction is not implied, a trader needs to wait for confirmation. First the squeeze, then the directional breakout and entry.

AA-12-12-2017 scan

Hindsight trading is always 100% spot on, so if you are skeptical, I understand. That said,  let’s look at the scan results, one month later.

Bollinger Band TTM Squeeze Scan 12-12-2017

This was run on December 12 for the trading room. Perhaps you traded some of these stocks in the energy group. XLE has been strong since the September low. We liked FANG, as it also appeared in the IBD50 List. As a result, Diamondback was added to the recent watch lists.


Now that you see the power of the scan results, here is the scan we ran last night. Do your homework and cross reference the IBD50 this weekend. Check EPS dates.


This scan is meant to enhance option traders results. Once a candidate appears on the scan, we do additional homework to make sure our criteria is met. Hint: IV Rank must be under 20% and rising. Price must be above the 9/20ema and fundamentals need to be up to par.

We will be trading these candidates during our Livestream broadcast during market hours. Check us out at TheClosingPrint.

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