Stock Scanning – Gangman Style

Every trader is different. Some scan, some don’t.

I won’t pretend to know what goes through the trader’s minds that I follow, but what we have in common is what I cover herein. When scans produce similar setups for my favorite traders and their watch lists reflect some of my trades, I’ve found my setups have a higher probability of success. After my list is ready for my notebook watchlist, the last thing I do is check GTO’s charts. As a member of DayTraderBootcamp you have an exhaustive chart library at your finger tips. Support and Resistance levels, patterns, chart notes, short percent, EPS dates, etc. These charts are worth the monthly subscription alone.

During the day I have a tweetdeck window open where I monitor these traders and compare notes.

Some of the sites I use, in no particular order are below the video: chatroom

I hope the video helps you understand my thought process. And, Nicholas you came to a great site. Good luck to you mon ami.

Happy Trading -CV

Vinny Gambini

Trade Fundamentals w/ Technical Analysis - CANSLIM method using high probability setups and Ichimoku Trend Analysis. Architect, Family Man and Father of three.