2012 in Retrospect

The title can be misleading, to a point, but my trading for 2012 can always be perfected evermore.

I joined Ron and the members at daytraderbootcamp mid-year. Below is the first video posted after moving over to DTBC.

Many of the highlights were meeting all of you in the chat. What a great place to trade. Goat or Mr. Reynolds as I like to call him assembled a select group of traders with diverse backgrounds and intellect. The common theme is most if not all have a similar style to Ron’s. This trait makes things special in our little corner of the trader universe. We all get along. We enhance the trading experience and act as a team. Suffice to say, I really love it here at DTBC. I’ll love it more when Mr. Grumpy, err umm, I mean Mr. Reynolds recovers from his operation. Those meds are meddlesome.

Anyway, its 2013 folks. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from your mentors in the chat and certainly learn from Goat.

This first week of 2013 was awesome. XLE and energy names made quite an impression on my trading account balance. I can say the same for my wife’s account as well since I manage her trading as best a husband can.

XLE components, and particularly, EOG, NE, NRG, KOG brought handsome profits. I have 1/2 of the EOG and full positions in the rest.

XLF did well too. I hold a swing position in GS. I noted the flag at breakout resistance where we closed on the 31st of December. True to form January 2nd GS bolted then retraced to breakout area where I added. Friday we saw a nice rally in the sectors noted below. IYR, IYT, XLB, XLE, XLF and XLU saw serious rallies. To a lesser extent XLI, XLP, XLV and XLY closed positive for the week.

Sector Performance Jan
Sector Performance Jan


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